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10 Bottle for $20.00-Vape Moar Super Sampler!!

As you know, the vaping industry is growing at a very fast pace and the technology changes almost daily. So take a break with them—let’s go back to the roots of this movement and remember a basic joy of vaping. No matter what gear you use now or in the future—a great vape is all about the flavor!
Vape Moar  is a premium vape juice aged in whiskey barrels. Vape Moar Super Sampler -each of 8 e-lquids are imparts tremendous flavor and smoothness. The flavor, the vapor, and the experience are all part of the true craftsmanship and artisan pride that goes into their Juice. With their premium quality of each e-juice they went even further to achieve top position in the market that is equal parts with their smooth and authentic flavor notes. The individual 18 mL bottles flavor enhances the essences for a well-rounded and amazing flavor. This is an exclusive vape for those looking to elevate their experience. Available in also 132 mL bottles, your choice of PG/VG ratio of each flavor nicotine levels.
  • Cool Green - VG/PG Ratio: 79/21
  • Cool Customer - VG/PG Ratio: 77/23
  • Mellow Gold - VG/PG Ratio: 90/10
  • Prince Pucker - VG/PG Ratio: 75/25
  • Summer Sweetie - VG/PG Ratio: 78/22
  • Berry Bomb - VG/PG Ratio: 60/40
  • Fru Fruity - VG/PG Ratio: 76/24
  • Café Cream - VG/PG Ratio: 83/17
  • Baker’s Bean - VG/PG Ratio: 60/40
  • Spring Fling - VG/PG Ratio: 60/40

Not only do they Top Quality, Top Quantity - Every Bottle  is personally signed by their flavor and individuality


  • Contains PG and VG
  • Made in America
  • All ingredients sourced from American companies
  • Usually ships same day
  • Due to the special nature of this flavor, there are no refunds or exchanges

What no 30 or 60 mL bottles?
Vape Moar  e-liquids are made from the finest GRAS, food grade artificial and natural flavorings. What you will never find in their e-liquid products are artificial dyes, artificial colors, added alcohol, or added water. To that, Vape Moar e-liquids start and end with the best..
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