Java Granola Bar Salt by Yogi Eliquid is a dessert salt nic juice, inspired by finely grounded Java coffee beans, Chocolate chips and fresh warm honey-induced granola. Yogi Eliquids has been in the business of designing and producing eJuices and salt nic in the United States, using yummy cereals and out-of-the-oven granola bars. Other flavors by this brand include Lemon, Apple Cinnamon, Vanilla Tobacco, Peanut Butter Banana, Blueberry, Original and Strawberry. All Yogi Eliquids are manufactured in the USA to ensure that you receive the best quality vape experience. You can enjoy the Java Granola Bar Salt by Yogi Eliquid as a kick-starter into an energetic morning. The coffee touch makes your mornings brighter and your entire day, an adventure to look forward to.

Vaping this classic salt nic juice flavor on a dull morning, you would first get the jerk of coffee on the inhale. While the coffee fills your senses, the delicate tenderness of a granola bar soaked in honey works its way through your taste buds, down to your throat. The honey flavor gradually works its way from your throat, opening your palates to the rich dark creamy taste of chewy chocolates as you exhale. Energetic coffee-scented clouds and chocolates surround you. Shortly, your productive drive kicks in and you are ready to take your world.

All Yogi Eliquid Salts are crafted in a Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) ratio of 50/50. Same as the Java Granola Bar Salt. The VG and PG ratio in this juice is responsible for the smooth flow in your throat while vaping. You do not get choked, or get burned, charred or irritated, nor is the flavor of the salt nic juice surpressed. If perhaps, you feel a burn or char, then know that your salt nic juice contains an unbalanced ratio of VG/PG. It is the rarely the case because most salt nic juices are prepared in a balanced VG/PG. For strong nicotine hits, you would be thrilled because Java Granola Bar Salt by Yogi Eliquid is created with Kosher Nicotine – the highest grade of Nicotine there is – in concentrations of 35mg and 50mg.

You will best enjoy vaping this salt if you use an ultra-low wattage device or a pod-based system. Using a sub-ohm devices turns the whole experience unpleasant. Just insert your 30ml honey granola treat into your vape pod or vape pen and get energetic. Yogi Eliquids love to go all artistic in their package design to complement the artistic desserts enclosed within. It’s quite easy to identify. You would mostly find a brown colored pack that bears the name of the company, trees and mountain symbols.

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