Now you can get 1 buy 1 free of on all non discount Broke Dick products. Enhance your vaping experience through Broke Dick E liquids and Vaping

What is Broke Dick Formula for a  Great Taste, Cheap Vape

Start by using perfect ingredients - remember taste comes before cheap vape.

  • Limit number of ejuice flavors for production costs down.
  • Renting manufacturing plant
  • Don't include caps you may not use.
  • Use super size bottles.
  • No expensive or magazine ads, no shows, no Lambos, no brick and mortar stores, no Ferraris, and no race cars or planes.
  • Who do really think pays for all that?  You do!

And here Broke Dick goes on  Great Taste, Cheap Vape


Broke Dick e-juice is composed of USP kosher grade propylene glycol, USP kosher grade vegetable glycerin, the highest quality flavorings and extracts available and American made nicotine. The juice has a 70vg/30pg mix.

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